NBC???: We Must Change “To Reflect A New Electronic Reality” –Williams

By Brian 

“Nothing about the mission of NBC News changed today. It never will,” Brian Williams blogs on The Daily Nightly.

He continues: “Just as there are new hot spots in the world, and just as we have been opening new bureaus to reflect that reality, we must also change to reflect a new electronic reality. In the 14 years I have been with NBC News, and even in the two years I have spent in this job, the way we distribute the information we gather has changed exponentially. It is time to change along with the various forms of media that are changing, and quickly, all around us.”

He says MSNBC belongs with the rest of the news division, and adds: “If, at any time, the actions taken by my company today end up compromising our mission to gather and report the news, I will make my feelings known loudly and promptly.”