NBC Nightly News Claims Oakland Warehouse Video Is ‘Exclusive.’ It Wasn’t

By A.J. Katz 

The evening newscasts continue to report on the aftermath of the tragic fire at the Oakland “Ghost Ship” warehouse, a disaster which took the lives of at least 36 people who were there for a party on Friday night. During last night’s broadcast, NBC Nightly News reported that it had obtained “exclusive video” showing Oakland Police officers inspecting the interior of the warehouse back in October. According to Nightly, police officers were there as “part of an incident, residents say, tied to a neighbor’s party.”

The issue is that the footage of the warehouse shot back in October was not “exclusively obtained” by NBC Nightly News, as had been reported.

CBS Evening News also obtained footage from October showing the Oakland PD searching through the warehouse, and showed it during their newscast. CBS News reported that police had entered the warehouse in October in order to access the roof of a neighboring building. Similar to the Nightly News footage, police can be seen going through the warehouse in their video.

TVNewser reached out to an NBC News spokesperson, who said producers were told the video was exclusive. Once they found out otherwise, the story was updated online and in later feeds.