NBC News Specials Team Wraps Up Busiest Year in Over a Decade

By A.J. Katz 

From presidential primaries, to the terrorist attacks in Brussels, to the death of Prince, the NBC News Specials team experienced its busiest year in more than a decade, producing 147 special reports.
“The incredibly busy election cycle was just part of the picture this year,” said svp of NBC News Specials Mark Lukasiewicz. “There was a sad but steady stream of incidents of terror and violence that demanded our attention, as well as the deaths and funerals of major figures at home and abroad.”
The Specials team is responsible for everything from quick breaking news cut-ins to extended coverage going 8+ hours on the NBC broadcast network, as well as major event coverage planning for NBC, MSNBC and all of the NBCU family of networks.
In addition to all of the primary, convention, debate, forum and election specials – the Specials team covered major terror & violence stories at home and abroad in 2016, including the Egyptair disaster, the attacks in Nice, Istanbul, Orlando, Dallas, the bombings in New York & New Jersey, the Baton Rouge law enforcement shooting, and most recently the attack at Christmas market in Berlin.
The team also delivered breaking news on the deaths of major cultural and political figures, including Nancy Reagan, Muhammad Ali and Fidel Castro.