NBC News Plans For 50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination

By Merrill Knox 

NBC News is marking the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination with a week-long series of special reports that will culminate in a two-hour primetime documentary. Tom Brokaw, who was a reporter at a local station in Omaha at the time, anchors “Where Were You: The Day JFK Died” at 9pmET on Friday, November 22.

Brokaw will preview the documentary, alongside Dan Rather on “Today” Friday, November 22. Lester Holt will report from Dallas on Thursday, November 21 and Brian Williams will anchor “Nightly News” from Dallas on Friday,  Novmeber 22.

In the week leading up to the anniversary, “Today” will present several interviews about the assassination, including a sit-down with former Secret Service agent Clint Hill, the author of “Five Days in November.” More from NBC after the jump.

NEW YORK, NY — November 7, 2013 — NBC News marks the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of JFK with an extensive week of programming that culminates in a two-hour documentary “Where Were You: The Day JFK Died,” reported by Tom Brokaw. Premiering on Friday, November 22 at 9p, the documentary, nine months in the making, combines personal reflections and NBC News’ archival footage. In addition, NBCNews.com today launches a unique interactive video experience available at www.nbcnews.com/JFK50 that includes more than 270 clips and quotes, curated from the Brokaw documentary.

In the week leading up to the 50th anniversary, viewers will hear from Tom Brokaw on “Meet The Press” as well as “TODAY,” where he will be joined by fellow colleague Dan Rather, who also reported on that fateful day. In addition, interviews with former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill and a myriad of historians, journalists, authors, politicians, filmmakers and activists will also be featured.

Brokaw, who was reporting for NBC’s WOWT-6 in Omaha when the news broke, reflects, “I was operating on two tracks – as a journalist, trying to cover the story, and as a young man just becoming an adult. I grew up in a hurry that day, realizing how quickly one violent act can change so much.” In his two-hour documentary, “Where Were You: The Day JFK Died,” Brokaw profiles more than forty people, including the widow of a Dallas police officer who received a letter from First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and the neurosurgeon who examined the President.

Below is the schedule of NBC News’ extensive programming:

Thursday, November 7

NBCNews.com launches www.nbcnews.com/jfk50, an interactive six-hour video experience that invites users to take a deep dive into Tom Brokaw’s interviews, featured in “Where Were You: The Day JFK Died.” Divided into sections – from JFK’s Life & Legacy, The Assassination, Kennedy Mystique, The Era, Conspiracy Theories and The Impact — the interactive will also feature footage from the NBC News archives.

Sunday, November 17

“Meet the Press with David Gregory” (check local listings): Tom Brokaw joins the roundtable to discuss his upcoming documentary, “Where Were You: The Day JFK Died,” airing on November 22.

Monday, November 18

“TODAY” (7 – 11a) and TODAY.com: Savannah Guthrie’s interview with former Secret Service Agent and best-selling author Clint Hill, who wrote the book Five Days in November, will air.

Tuesday, November 19

“TODAY” (7 – 11a) and TODAY.com: Matt Lauer’s interview with Mary Ann Moorman-Krahmer, who photographed the moment JFK was first shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, airs. Matt and Mary Ann retraced that day in Dealey Plaza.

Wednesday, November 20

“TODAY” (7 – 11a) and TODAY.com: Matt Lauer takes viewers on a tour of the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, formerly the Texas School Book Depository, where Oswald worked and shot the President from a sixth floor window on the southeast corner.

Thursday, November 21

“TODAY” (7 – 11a) and TODAY.com: Lester Holt reports live from Dallas as he takes a look back at JFK, the first modern-day president.

Friday, November 22

“TODAY” (7 – 11a) and TODAY.com: Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather will be live in studio with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie with a preview of Brokaw’s documentary, “Where Were You: The Day JFK Died.” Lester Holt will report from Dallas.

“NBC Nightly News” (6:30p) will provide special coverage of the anniversary throughout the week, culminating in a live broadcast anchored by Brian Williams in Dallas.

“Where Were You: The Day JFK Died” Reported by Tom Brokaw (9p): a two-hour documentary that takes a look back at November 22, 1963, the day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. By combining archival footage with unique, first person stories of those who lived through it, including Brokaw, the special offers a new perspective on what was and what might have been, since November 22, 1963.

Throughout November

“Meet the Press” will provide viewers with a rare opportunity to watch the story of JFK’s rise to the presidency in a new half-hour special entitled, “MTP Remembers: JFK — The Presidential Campaign.” Released in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death, the special will air throughout the month of November on all ten of NBC’s Owned Television Stations, as well as a majority of NBC’s affiliate stations nationwide. Pulling from the broadcast’s rich 66-year old archives, this “MTP Remembers” special will feature three “Meet the Press” interviews with JFK during his 1960 presidential campaign: in January after he declared his candidacy, in July from the Democratic National Convention, and in October – less than a month before the general election against Richard Nixon.

Sunday, November 17 – Friday, November 22

For companion content and to replay and share any of the segments throughout the week, go to NBCNews.com and TODAY.com, and join the conversation at #JFK50.