NBC News Daily Co-Anchor Morgan Radford Gives Birth to Baby Girl

By A.J. Katz 

NBC News Daily co-anchor/NBC News correspondent Morgan Radford is officially a mom.

Radford and her husband David Williams welcomed Adelana Marcia Radford Williams, or Lana for short, into the world on February 2 at 12:36 a.m. ET.

Lana arrived at 8lbs, 1oz and 21 inches.

“She is the life that love created,” Radford told Today show in a statement. “She is mommy’s bundle of joy, new best friend, and her wildest dream. She is the apple of her daddy’s eye and the keeper of his heart. She is also the living manifestation of decades of love and investment by her (very) proud grandparents, who cannot stop staring at her in joy and disbelief.”

Lana’s name can be said in English, Spanish and Yoruba and was chosen to “connect her to her family, her roots, and our dreams for a bright and colorful future of her choosing.”

Adelana, pronounced “AH-de-LAH-nuh,” is a Yoruba name meaning “the conduit by which more good things are to come.” Marcia comes from her maternal grandmother, Lily Marcia.

Radford, a first-time mom, and Lana are happy and healthy.