National Headliner Award Winners Announced

By Alissa Krinsky 

The Press Club of Atlantic City (New Jersey) has announced its 2009 National Headliner Award winners.

Leading the pack: NBC/MSNBC, with 12 wins overall and the most first-place wins (5). CNN follows with 10 total awards. HDNet earned three nods, sharing one win with PBS, which won two awards. ABC also got two wins, with CBS earning one.

Numerous awards are issued in the Broadcast Television/Cable Networks and Syndicators division, with first, second, and third place honorees for each category. The first-place winners:

Best Newscast: NBC Nightly News, June 12, 2008

Coverage of a Major News Event: NBC News, “Hurricane Gustav”

Investigative Reporting: ABC’s 20/20, “Off-Duty Chicago Cops”

Documentary or Series of Reports: CNN, “Special Investigations Unit: On Deadly Ground.”

Continuing Coverage of a Major News Event: Dateline NBC, “Coming Home”

News Magazine Program: ABC’s 20/20, “Cop as Criminal”

Business and Consumer Reporting: Dateline NBC, “Tricks of the Trade”

Health/Science Reporting: HDNet World Report, “Bill Gates and the Indian Eunuchs”

Environmental Reporting: NOW on PBS, “Fighting Over Forests”

Feature, Sports, or Human Interest Story: Dateline NBC, “Out of Africa”

Television-Affiliated Online Journalism: CNN/Politics

Full list of TV and online award winners, after the jump…

Winners of the 75th National Headliner Awards
Associated Press
March 27th, 2009

Winners of the 75th annual National Headliner Awards, sponsored by The Press Club of Atlantic City, N.J., by category, followed by second- and third-place finishers:

Broadcast television networks, cable networks and syndicators

Best newscast: NBC Nightly News, “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams in Afghanistan,” 6/12/08; CNN, “American Morning: Post-Election Coverage,” 11/5/08; NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, “The Election … The Day After,” 11/5/08.

Coverage of a major news event: NBC News, “Hurricane Gustav”; CNN, “The Democratic National Convention”; CNN, “New Hampshire Primary.”

Continuing coverage of a major news event: “Dateline NBC,” “Coming Home”; CNN, “Haiti”; no third place award given.

Feature, sports or human interest story: “Dateline NBC,” Ann Curry, Justin Balding, Antoine Sanfuentes, “Out of Africa”; NBC News, “Today,” Bob Dotson and Amanda Marshall, “Potato Peeler Millionaire”; Dateline NBC, Natalie Morales, John Block, David Corvo, “Zack’s New Life.”

Documentary or series of reports: CNN, “Special Investigations Unit: On Deadly Ground”; MSNBC, “Meeting David Wilson”; MSNBC, “Dear Zachary.”

Investigative reporting: ABC News, “20/20,” Jim Avila and Glenn Ruppel, “Off Duty Chicago Cops”; CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” Steve Croft, Ira Rosen, Sumi Aggarlwal, “The Cheaters”; no third place award given.

News magazine program: ABC News, “20/20,” Jim Avila, Alison Lynn, Lauren Pearle, “Cop as Criminal”; “Dateline NBC,” Chris Hansen, Richard Greenberg, Paul Cruickshank, “Inside the Cell”; “Dateline NBC,” Matt Lauer, David Corvo, Liz Cole, “A Twist of Fate.”

Business and consumer reporting: “Dateline NBC,” Chris Hansen, Steve Eckert, Maite Amorebieta, “Tricks of the Trade”; “HDNet World Report” and “NOW on PBS,” Paul Beban, Kira Kay, Jason Maloney, “India Rising”; CNN, “Special Investigations Unit: Busted! Mortgage Meltdown.”

Health/science reporting: “HDNet World Report,” Paul Beban, Kira Kay, Jason Maloney, “Bill Gates and the Indian Eunuchs”; CNN, “Special Investigations Unit: Fit to Lead”; CNN, “Special Investigations Unit: Broken Government: Healthcare Critical Condition.”

Environmental reporting: “NOW on PBS,” Brenda Breslauer, Maria Hinojosa, Brian Epstein, Mona Iskander, “Fighting Over Forests”; “HDNet World Report,” Paul Beban, Paul Roubicek, “Payatas: The Dark Side of Economic Growth”; CNN, “Broken Government: Scorched Earth.”

Radio Affiliated Online Journalism:,, KUT (SXSW 2008.)

Television Affiliated Online Journalism: CNN/Politics,, No Love Lost.

Newspaper Affiliated Online Journalism:, San Francisco Chronicle, (Austin, Texas Statesman);

Magazine Affiliated Online Journalism:;; no third place award given.