Murdoch/Dow Jones: Reactions

By Brian 

> Henry Blodget: Until now, “the assumption was that the FOX business formula would be ‘beautiful women reading shocking headlines’… If Rupert is successful in his Dow Jones bid, however, CNBC will look comparatively like business-lite…”

> Steve Donohue: “Murdoch would score an army of business news talent if he pulls of an acquisition of Dow Jones, and immediately boost the credibility of Fox Business Channel. And CNBC, which has a deal to share content and talent with Dow Jones, and frequently plugs WSJ scoops as its own, could eventually lose its best editorial content…”

> Barry Rithotlz: “This is potentially very bad news for CNBC… I would think that some senior people at CNBC are pleading with GE (GE) execs to make a run at Dow Jones — if for no other reason than to keep the WSJ out of Rupert Murdoch’s hands…”