Murdoch/Dow Jones: “Building A Broad-Based Financial Empire” At News Corp

By Brian 

On The Big Story, John Gibson asked Neil Cavuto what today’s news means for the Fox Business Channel.

“I keep hearing talk about a business channel. Update me on that,” Cavuto joked.

“But really John, I think what it really does is, it just shows you the seriousness of the parent company. I’m sounding kinda weird here, but I think it just states the seriousness of this company when it comes to financial news, and to building a broad-based financial empire that includes not only what you see on TV but what you get on the Internet and beyond that, what you deliver through a variety of mediums. This is something that has been very important for Mr. Murdoch.”

Cavuto seemed to emphasize the Web over print. As Jack Welch noted on FNC an hour earlier, the WSJ’s “online piece is very good. They’re getting more, as I understand it, more than half their revenues from their online piece…”