Murdoch: FBN is “Distinctive, Informative, Noisy”

By Chris Ariens 

More pictures from last night’s fete at The Met for Fox Business Network. After the jump, Rupert Murdoch‘s speech to the crowd. Thanks to PRNewser‘s Joe Ciarallo for the photos.

Neil Cavuto and Jack Welch.

Roger Ailes and Ivanka Trump.

Counting Crows performed.

Thank you Roger for those very exaggerated words. Good evening everybody. I’d like to thank you all for joining us tonight for celebrating the biggest cable launch in history, I think. The Fox Business Network. I think it’s been a brilliant first nine days. It’s been distinctive, informative, noisy; business news that grabs your attention and keeps it, whether you’re a CEO or small business owner.

And that’s the brilliance of Roger Ailes. Roger has an unmatched talent for straight talk. He understands the hunger for a greater understanding of economic and business issues. As we’ve all seen over the past few days, he knows exactly how to break it down in a plain spoken and meaningful way.

This is going to become increasingly important as business becomes more and more global and as markets continue to create excitement. Just think, at least 70 million people every year are coming out of dire poverty and joining the world economy, creating untold wealth.

This is not only transforming, but causing a vastly increased need for business and financial information. The triumph of free markets on a global scale is just amazing.

In this country we have the best-run most corruption-free companies in the world. Our companies are beacons of success that the rest of the world looks to, not that you’d know that through much of the business coverage we see every day.

At Fox Business we still cover the scandals and failures that come along from time to time. We’ll be just as tough as anyone in protecting investors. But my hope for Fox Business is that we’ll also find time to celebrate the freedom and sense of optimism that free markets have given Americans.

If you think about it, everyone here, ourselves, our parents, or our grandparents, or our great grandparents took a huge risk in leaving their old world for the new, which is America. And that risk is now in our DNA, what makes our country and our economy vibrant and it’s what distinguishes us from the rest of the world.

So congratulations tonight, to Roger and Neil Cavuto, Alexis Glick, Kevin Magee, and their whole great team at Fox Business. They’ve just been slaving for the last three months and they’ve really produced something wonderful. And you’ve brought a welcome…you three or four or 20, actually 300 I think…have brought a welcome new choice and fresh perspective to business news for millions of Americans.

Everybody thank you so much for coming tonight and please enjoy yourselves.