Mubarak to Resign: Broadcasters Produce Special Reports, Cablers go Wall-to-Wall

By Chris Ariens 

Fast moving developments out of Egypt this morning with news that Pres. Hosni Mubarak will resign his office tonight. The headline from Tahrir Square emerged just before 10:30amET.

MSNBC’s Richard Lui reported the news, sourcing NBC News, at at 10:26am. MSNBC brought in Richard Engel live from Cairo at 10:31: “We are hearing from two independent sources close to the president, that president Mubarak will likely step down. The military has just issued a televised statement saying that the military is now convening to try an ensure an orderly transition.”

Fox News reported the information at 10:31am: “We’re getting information that President Mubarak may step down as soon as this afternoon or within hours,” said Martha MacCallum. FNC sourced Al Jazeera and BBC.

CNN began reporting the news at 10:36am sourcing The New York Times and the U.K.’s Channel 4.

At 10:39am, ABC’s Christiane Amanpour anchored a special report from New York with”Nightline” co-anchorĀ  Terry Moran live on the phone from Tahrir Square. Moran had gotten to the front of the crowd and asked an Egyptian General what it all meant. He told Moran: “This will be over tonight.”

CBS’s Jim Axelrod anchored a special report 10:44am with Elizabeth Palmer in Cairo. Ann Curry anchored a special for NBC stations at 10:48 with reporting from Engel.

> Update, 4:08pm: Mubarak NOT Resigning…