MSNBC’s Landlord Puts Up ‘For Rent’ Sign

By Chris Ariens 

For rent: 142,271 sq. foot building, move-in ready, satellite dishes optional.

Hartz Mountain, the company that brings you all those great pet products, but also owns or develops a swath of Northern New Jersey, is listing the MSNBC building in Secaucus, NJ for lease. The existing tenants, MSNBC, NBC News and NBC Weather Plus, are all moving to new locations. More on that in the coming days.

As for One MSNBC Plaza, or 40 Hartz Way as it’s about to be known, the lease for the new tenant begins on July 1, 2008. Most of the NBC employees are expected to be out of the building, which has been the home of MSNBC for more than 11 years, by the end of November.

BTW the MSNBC sign rests in between the two sets of three narrow windows; apparently photoshopped out of this picture.