MSNBC ‘s PA Move

By Chris Ariens 

Comcast in Pittsburgh has dropped MSNBC from its basic cable spot (Channel 31) and moved it to the digital tier (Channel 183) replacing it with the Golf Channel, which Comcast owns.

An NBC spokesperson tells TVNewser, “Comcast is the sole decision maker on where to carry MSNBC network on its cable systems. NBC Universal is unhappy and disappointed with Comcast’s recent decision to migrate MSNBC to its digi-starter package, requiring customers to get a digital box, and we’ve made Comcast aware of our sentiments. Rest assured that we want MSNBC to reach the widest number of viewers possible.”

A TVNewser reader and Pittsburgh emails us, “In one of the MOST important election years, Comcast removes MSNBC but keeps Fox News. Really? Not only that, but the Olympics are set to start soon?”

Last November, Comcast in Portland made a similar move.

> More from an emailer: “I am a TVNewser reader and Comcast customer living in Georgia and I don’t get MSNBC on basic cable either, and I am fine with it. I have no interest in watching the channel and most people here either watch Fox or CNN. MSNBC simply isn’t a factor.”

> More, More from an emailer: “Comcast has just done the same thing in the Boston area. They’ve moved MSNBC from Channel 98 to somewhere on the digital band and customers will now be required to get a cable box in order to access it.”