MSNBC Reports on ISIS Hearing, Using CNN Video

By Mark Joyella 

6918b59b32755e5ff90254e0087776ea7176ae37It’s common to see a CNN bug on MSNBC’s air, or vice versa, as networks get interviews with folks who make news, and then those soundbites get play on competing news networks–often producing that strange MSNBC logo on Fox News moment, or the more common sight of one network’s logo obscuring another network’s logo–which is one reason why the backgrounds on the Sunday morning shows are usually covered with network-specific branding. (Quick quiz: what show was Marco Rubio appearing on in the above photo?)

What’s far less common is seeing a network turn to a competitor for video of a routine news event, like testimony before Congress.┬áBut sure enough, in an post Wednesday, “Rachel Maddow Show” producer Steve Benen wrote about an interesting exchange between Secretary of State John Kerry and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

CroppedBenen included a YouTube video of the key moments of that exchange — from CNN. The result was a post that has MSNBC branding at the top, and all kinds of bright red CNN branding at the bottom, as if you switched channels while reading.

Did NBC News skip the hearing on ISIS? NBC did post a short video from the hearing–labeled an “ Firsthand” report–on a protester who briefly interrupted Kerry’s testimony, but when Maddow producer Benen needed a clip from the hearing for the “Maddow Blog,” he got an assist from CNN.