MS/NBC: Memo: “This Is A Huge Corporate Vote Of Confidence” In MSNBC

By Brian 

To: All NBC News and MSNBC Employees

From: Steve Capus and Rick Kaplan

RE: Microsoft Announcement

We’re excited to tell you that effective immediately, NBC Universal will assume control of MSNBC cable. This is a huge corporate vote of confidence in the channel, which is an integral part of NBC News. It couldn’t come at a better time, as MSNBC has seen improved ratings over the last several months. The ending of the 50/50 partnership with Microsoft will give us more flexibility to continue the progress we’ve made. will remain a 50/50 joint venture and will continue to be a vital part of NBC News. Operationally, you won’t see any changes—the changes come on the business side, not the editorial and programming side of the operation.