MSNBC Covers the “List,” But Not Themselves

By Chris Ariens 

So, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell anchored a segment this afternoon on “the list,” the list of names and organizations apparently being compiled by the Clintons, of those who’ve done them wrong.

The NYTimes’ Mark Leibovich writes that beyond the politicians on the list, some members of the media are on it too, including, apparently, all of MSNBC. “Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are charter list members,” Leibovich writes, sourcing “Clinton associates.”

So, why no mention of MSNBC being on the list during the MSNBC segment? We have calls in to MSNBC…

> Update: In a later segment guest Nancy Giles said, “By the way, MSNBC is on the list. Did you know that? We’re big stars. ‘The cable network, MSNBC, whose host Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are charter members’ they say.” Anchor Contessa Brewer added, “We are nobody’s enemies. We are friends to all.”