MSNBC Competing With HLN, Not CNN?

By Brian 

In response to this morning’s post about MSNBC’s steady post-Katrina ratings gains, CNN says the network’s “significant lead over MSNBC INCREASED in 2005.” (But MSNBC’s graphs focus on post-Katrina ratings, not all of 2005.)

The big competition for MSNBC is Headline News, CNN says. In the demo, the two networks are tied for third in the total day with two weeks left in 2005. Here is data through Dec. 11, 2005, with the percentages comparing the numbers to 2004:

25-54 demographic:

Total day:

FNC: 303,000, -7%

CNN: 175,000, +10%

HLN: 100,000, +19%

MSNBC: 99,000, +2%

FNC: 469,000, -12%

CNN: 274,000, +8%

HLN: 128,000, +56%

MSNBC: 148,000, +6%