MSNBC???: Cable News Net Will “Work More Closely Together” With 30 Rock-ers

By Brian 

“Let me be perfectly clear about it,” Steve Capus said during today’s NBC teleconference. “This is going to ensure the future of MSNBC.” He says “there is a spirit and an energy that is palpable when you walk through the doors over there” in Secaucus, and “we want to have that here at 30 Rock.”

According to ICN, Capus said: “We need to work more closely together between NBC News and MSNBC and having MSNBC in the heart of the news organization here at 30 Rock will do just that. And it will give the opportunity for The Today Show to have more daily interaction with the people from MSNBC. Nightly News to have more interaction on a daily basis — hourly basis — story by story — with MSNBC.”

Capus dismissed speculation that MSNBC would turn into a tape channel. He said “we’re going to move the Net Desk to 30 Rock. We will move the daytime programming to 30 Rock. We’re working on a primetime plan…”