MSNBC Boss: ‘I Wish [Trump] Called Us Out Once in Awhile’

By Chris Ariens 

The Hill’s Joe Concha takes a look at MSNBC’s growth since the election: the 4th-most watched channel on all of cable in prime time, and showing the most cable news growth during the day (up +62 percent vs. February 2016).

But since Donald Trump‘s inauguration, MSNBC’s chief rival CNN has been getting most of the attention, though much of it with the “fake news” label attached.

“I wish [Pres. Trump] called us out once in awhile because it’s like a promo for CNN all the time,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin joked. “All I know is, day to day, I think we’re giving the most unique, smartest coverage out there.”

“The reason this is so wild is no matter what you think of Donald Trump, he is unconventional. Every day, by noon, we are on to a different focus and topic. And strange things happen and we have to be on it, and fact check it, and look at the historical perspective, and see how the country taking it all in.”