Move Over Octo-Box, Sky News Has a 150-Box Monitor

By Chris Ariens 

Cable news channels have been outdoing themselves in recent years, trying to see how many live remotes can fit on one screen. From the 4-box, to the Octo-box, to the 10-box, it looks like the UK’s Sky News is about to top them all.

For tomorrow’s General Election, the network will have as many as 150 live remotes across the UK. LiveU, the backpack technology service that allows for quick-set, clearly-delivered live shots, says it is “crucial” to Sky’s ability “to supply a very high volume of portable transmission units at short notice.”

While most U.S. TV newsers will be focused on the cameras capturing the Senate testimony of former FBI Director James Comey tomorrow, UK broadcasters will be covering the election from dozens of locations. The latest polls show a narrowing of the two major parties: Labour and Conservatives.