‘Morning Joe’ On NBC?

By Alex Weprin 

The NY Post‘s Claire Atkinson reports that the “Morning Joe” team of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are targeting the NBC broadcast network for the next professional stage in their careers.

While no such deal is done, persons close to the show have been telling friends that the team is taking over “Weekend Today” ’s Sunday show, sources said.

The talks are very much fluid and there is no guarantee of any expansion, other sources said…

“They made a big play for ‘Sunday Today’ and ‘Meet The Press,’ but Turness is not inclined to dump [‘MTP’ host] David Gregory,” one source noted.

It is worth noting that when CBS was still trying to figure out its morning show, it made a strong effort to recruit the “Morning Joe” team to the network. Expanding to broadcast clearly interested them, and was almost within reach. As such, a part-time job on NBC isn’t that crazy. Whether Lester Holt, who has anchored on NBC Sunday mornings for 10 years, would give up that program remains to be seen.

Atkinson also notes however that a syndicated program may be an option. Regular readers may recall that Chris Matthews, who used to have a Sunday morning syndicated politics program, ended it this Summer. In other words, there may be room for a new syndie show on Sunday mornings.

For now though, a source familiar with the show says that the pair are locked into deals with NBC for “quite a while.”