More From Rather: “Moonves Has Weakened The News Division At CBS Since He Took Over. He Doesn’t Get It”

By Brian 

On top of his FNC appearance today, Dan Rather released the following statement through HDNet tonight:

“This is not about Katie Couric. Never has been. It has NOTHING to do with gender. I find it disappointing and insidious that Les Moonves would try to mask the real point with that line of attack.

Plenty of women have made incredible sacrifices in the name of hard
news. Just look at the record of CBS News Correspondent Kimberly Dozier for one. This is not about gender, this is about leadership at the very top of CBS. They started weakening the role of hard news at the network long before Katie arrived there. Les Moonves started talking about ‘naked news’ — a comment that should live in infamy. He talked about ‘blowing up’ CBS News and suggested that the landmark journalistic work of Edward R. Murrow should be de-emphasized.

Moonves has weakened the News Division at CBS News since he took over. He doesn’t get it.”