More ABC Correspondents Out

By Guest 

TVNewser tipsters tell us three more veteran ABC News correspondents may soon be parting ways with the network. Bob Jamieson, Mark Litke and Bill Redeker have a combined 72 years of service with ABC.

Jamieson joined ABC News in 1990 after a 20-year career at NBC News. Litke has been with ABC since 1979. He is the network’s Asia correspondent based in Hong Kong. Redeker has been with the network the longest, joining ABC in 1975.

An ABC News spokesperson tells TVNewser any staffing or bureau changes are “part of the strategic look” outlined by news president David Westin last month. There will “be cutbacks and hiring at ABC News,” the spokesperson said. The cuts “will affect some correspondents, and that will happen over the next six months”

Today’s news follows Friday’s story (and the confirmation yesterday) that ABC’s Dean Reynolds is moving to CBS. Reynolds’ departure follows that of Jessica Yellin (to CNN), Heather Nauert (to FNC), Nancy Cordes (to CBS), Hari Sreenivasan (to CBS), and Geoff Morrell (to the Pentagon)

>An emailer adds: “Don’t forget the year began with John Yang going from ABC to NBC.”