‘Mom, Dad, What’s an Anchorman?’

By Chris Ariens 

Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos gave the commencement address at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism Friday. He talked about being a young journalist in Mexico in the 1980s, who was censored for his reporting. So he moved to the U.S. and began practicing journalism here.

I have been an anchorman for almost 30 years. Before you were born I was already covering the news. But here’s the problem. Many years from now, when you’ll tell your kids that an anchorman gave your commencement speech at USC, they will ask you: “Mom, Dad, What’s an anchorman?”

Most likely, you’ll have to put me in the same category of dinosaurs and other species about to be extinct. I’m not kidding.

I’m sorry to say but you are entering journalism and public relations in the middle of a storm. In our profession we are living the equivalent of climate change, with the fundamentals of the business melting like icebergs in the summer, being flooded by social media and looking outside the window with anxiety and uncertainty.

Read the full speech here.