MJ: Liveblogging The Ticking Clock

By Brian 

My notes from Fox News coverage of the Michael Jackson drama (all times are Eastern):

12:28pm: “Jackson fofreits $3 million bail if not in court by 12:35 ET,” the FNC chyron says.

12:30pm: “I don’t know if he’s going to make it,” FNC reporter Anita Vogel says.

12:31pm: David Asman: “It is four minutes now from the time when the judge says he is going to issue an warrant for Michael Jackson’s arrest.”

12:32pm: Asman: “We are three minutes away, or three minutes and five seconds away…”

12:33pm: Vogel: “We have a photographer on the highway following Michael Jackson. He tells us he’s’ going pretty fast, at a pretty good clip, 90 MPH.”

12:33pm: Asman: “We’re now at the two-minute mark. Under two minutes to go…”

12:33pm: Asman wonders if the judge is aware that “the clock is ticking and the whole world’s watching.”

12:33pm: Lis Wiehl: “If Jackson doesn’t make it in time, which is what, 2 minutes from now, I dont think he has much of a choice but to follow throuigh on what he said he would do.”

12:34pm: “Jackson Rushing To Court:” FNC shows a map of the region around the courtroom.

12:34pm: Asman: “In 25 seconds, the question is not what Jackson is going to do, it’s what Judge Melville is going to do.”

12:34pm: “You’re watching Fox News. hang in there.” Pause and bang: Fox News Alert.

12:35pm: “And this is a Fox News alert.. Michael Jackson should be going to jail, says judge Melville. The time has been reached. It is 9:35 in the pacific coast.”

12:35pm: Lower-third: “Judge issues an arrest warrant for Michael Jackson.”

12:35pm: Asman: “The time has passed, the deadline has come and gone, and the question is now whether judge Melville is a man of his word.”

12:37pm: Asman: “We are now seeing the entourage, it’s about 3 and a half minutes late.”

12:38pm: Raw audio from outside the courthouse. “There he is, there’s Michael Jackson, walking on his own accord, looking a little stiff perhaps,” Asman says.

12:41pm: Asman says FNC’s Rita Cosby is reporting that folks close to Jackson said the judge is “fed up with Jackson…this will not happen again.”

12:42pm: Judge Napolitano thinks the judge will give Jackson a five-minute grace period.

12:44pm: Court TV’s Diane Dimond and an AP pool reporter are briefing the media about Jackson’s pajamas and slippers.