Mitt Romney: ‘Fox is watched by the true believers’

By Alex Weprin 

Over the last few months GOP candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have argued that Fox News was favoring Mitt Romney over them.

At a fundraiser in Florida Sunday, Romney seemed to agree with them, at least if the Wall Street Journal is to be believed. Romney addressed the media, praising CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (and Fox News), while also making a comment that may not sit well with some at 1211 Avenue of the Americas.

The candidate said he didn’t expect a fair fight in the media, saying he believed many commentators on television were liberals. He also said CNN reporter and host Wolf Blitzer was a good interviewer, and said Fox News had been good to him. Fox News is owned by News Corp., which also owns The Wall Street Journal.

“Fox is watched by the true believers,” Mr. Romney said. “We need to get the independents and the women.”

Mr. Romney said his campaign would rely on “earned media”—or making news the traditional way. He said he would be helped along by a team of surrogates as well as by initiatives on the Internet and Twitter.