Mine Rescue Breaking News

By Chris Ariens 

In the tragedy on top of tragedy in Utah, the three cable news nets reported the breaking story within eight minutes of each other. FNC was first at 9:49ET. During Hannity and Colmes, Sean Hannity got the story from KSTU reporter Max Roth. Greta Van Susteren picked up coverage at 10pm and stayed on until midnight. FNC continued with live updates into the early morning hours.

MSNBC reported the story 9:55. MSNBC’s Dan Abrams reported what NBC was hearing from affiliate KSL, then anchored coverage until midnight 1am ET, with updates and live news conferences throughout the night.

Larry King reported the news on CNN at 9:57 tossing to correspondent Dan Simon. Anderson Cooper picked up the coverage at 10pm and continued live until 2am. Tony Harris then continued the live coverage from 2am until American Morning began at 5am.

>More from emailers:

11:46pm: “CNN has been doing a remarkable job of scoring many one-on-one interviews between Anderson Cooper in studio and folks out at the mine site. Well done by CNN.”

1:10am: “FNC is running graphics over graphics to update their recorded coverage about the mine rescue disaster. Looks terrible.”

1:30am: “MSNBC and CNN are still live covering the Utah mine deaths while FNC is airing a 2 hour old episode of On The Record when it was covering the story at 11:30pm EDT.”