Mika Brzezinski Fires Back at Women of ‘Outnumbered’

By A.J. Katz 

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The escalating rivalry between Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski and the cast of Fox News’s Outnumbered continued this morning.

Tuesday’s edition of Outnumbered devoted a segment to Brzezinski, citing an article in The Week which claimed that Brzezinski was “teary-eyed” when speaking about Pres. Trump’s unfounded claims that Barack Obama wiretapped him. Brzezinski also said “we’re all really nervous” about the president.

The Outnumbered panel ripped the duo for going to Mar-a-Lago to meet with the president on New Year’s Eve, and later bashing him on their program, behavior they deemed hypocritical.

“Maybe they’re doing this back-and-forth for the ratings,” speculated Harris Faulkner.

“They were also at one of the primaries and Pres. Trump’s hotel room as well,” Eric Bolling added. “I watch them in the morning. I’m a very faithful viewer. They are over the map. Here’s what happened: Mika stayed pro-Trump and now she is, I don’t know, for some reason regretting her stance.”

The women then called her “too emotional,” with Meghan McCain adding “you can’t approach Pres. Trump in a way that is hysterical.” 

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Brzezinski struck back this morning, referring to the show’s female co-hosts as “all of these people with long legs and short skirts talk about how people feel about the news.”

“People said she was crying and tearing up just because she was upset. Nothing sexist there,” Scarborough said sarcastically.

“When Joe amps up and speaks to camera and is really, really forceful, he is strong,” quipped Brzezinski. “But I’m emotional!”

The Morning Joe co-hosts, particularly Brzezinski, have been critical of Trump recently, at one point referring to Trump as “a fake president.”