Midterms: “We Rocked;” The Networks Give Themselves Glowing Reviews

By Brian 

Thursday’s LAT includes plenty of praise for the networks from, well, the networks:

David Westin, president, ABC News: After “a fair number of unexpected challenges, to have our team do such an effective job means a lot to everybody here. There is a very good sense of progress and enthusiasm.”

Paul Friedman, vice president, CBS News: “This was [Katie Couric‘s] first crack at this job, and it’s a really difficult job, and everybody went out of it saying, ‘OK, this is going to work.’ And she came out of it saying, ‘OK, I can do this.’ She was pumped.”

Phil Alongi, executive producer, NBC News: “I thought we rocked last night. We want to win, but the ratings aren’t what it’s about. We got it right, and that’s what it was about.”