Midterms: Matthews & Olbermann Anchoring For 12 Hours On MSNBC

By Brian 

MSNBC is already running nonstop political coverage from 9am to 10pm through Election Day. Special programming:

On Sunday, Hardball will be live at 7pm. On Monday, Hardball will be live at 10pm, followed by “Decision 2006” with Joe Scarborough at 11pm.

On Tuesday, marathon coverage begins at 6pm. Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann will anchor from MSNBC HQ. Coverage will run all night, straight through 6am.

Scarborough and Tucker Carlson “will analyze the results with a panel of political reporters and experts” including Andrea Mitchell, Howard Fineman, Bob Shrum, Pat Buchanan, Eugene Robinson, and Carl Quintanilla.

MSNBC.com will have a “Democracy Dashboard” on the home page with “a full spectrum of self-refreshing results, including a map with state-by-state rollover results, and returns on Senate, House and gubernatorial races, organized down to the county level. In addition, users can find balance-of-power graphics for the House and Senate and instant-message style tips to alert them to developing stories.”

Here’s the press release…