Middle East Crisis: Monday Notes

By Brian 

> FNC’s Shep Smith will anchor Studio B and The Fox Report live from Jerusalem today. He “was on the scene for the deadly attack in Haifa” and “he’ll tell you what he saw…”

> Anderson Cooper is focusing on the Americans “caught in the crossfire:” He “anchors his program live this evening from Cyprus Landing,” CNN says…

> NBC’s Ann Curry is heading to the Middle East to report for Today…

> GMA’s coverage benefited from Charles Gibson‘s live reports from Jerusalem this morning. “It’s a pleasure to be back on your program,” Gibson told Robin Roberts

> Gibson’s interview with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni will air on World News Now and World News Tonight…

> CNN producer Thomas Evans blogs: “The scary thing about rocket strikes is that even with the siren sounding you can’t see them coming. No streak of fire across the sky. Not a lot of sound. That is, not until the thump when it hits…”