Middle East Conflict: Shep Blankets FNC

By Brian 

Shep Smith‘s compelling reports from northern Israel were especially prominent on Fox News Friday afternoon. He started anchoring during DaySide and kept going until 4pm. He appeared throughout Your World and The Big Story before hosting the Fox Report at 7pm.

During the 5pm hour, Shep told John Gibson he could hear small arms fire in the distance as well. “It could absolutely be from the border,” he said. “It’s hard to imagine, John, from a world away, and I know how hard it would have been for me to imagine from my living room in New York or Holly Springs for that matter a world there are so many countries so close. We’re standing at a spot where this is Israel. That’s Lebanon. That’s Syria. That’s Shaba Farms which is in dispute. That’s the Golan Heights which is sort of a separation between us and Syria. And at times because of our location on the border, it seems like Katyushas are raining in from everywhere.”

Smith is now making his way to Lebanon…