Middle East Conflict: “Katyusha Catchers”

By Brian 

“Safari shirt? Check. Flak jacket? Check. Faux bronzer, Ray-Bans, camo pants, boots, laptop? Check.” In this Washington Times story, Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin sizes up the war reporters in the Middle East:

 “They look very crisp coming off the plane,” said Mrs. Griffin, 37, a veteran reporter who was calling from Jerusalem. With all their sartorial on-air Audie Murphy gear, “It does look a little silly. I only wear a flak jacket when I know I need it.”

Insiders refer to the newbies as “Katyusha catchers,” ducking and weaving while sirens wail and their modern epaulets unravel, putting themselves in harm’s way for the sake of a good live shot. “They’re literally trying to get struck on air,” Mrs. Griffin said.