Michael Douglas, Robert Shapiro Added to Megyn Kelly Special

By Chris Ariens 

The debut of Megyn Kelly Presents has added guests, in addition to Donald J. Trump, who was announced on Monday.

Kelly will also interview Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas and Robert Shapiro, who was most famous for defending O.J Simpson as part of the “Dream Team.” This is Shapiro’s first TV interview since the debut of the FX series The People V. OJ Simpson in which Shapiro was played by John Travolta.

Megyn Kelly Presents airs Tuesday, May 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. It is executive produced by Bill Geddie, who produced many of Barbara Walters‘ specials for ABC. In fact, a quick YouTube search turns up an interview Walters did with Shapiro after the O.J. trial.