Memorial Day: Cable Round-up

By Brian 

> “The Fallen” will air on Nightline tonight.

> Tonight at 9pm, MSNBC presents “For The Brave,” a series of David Shuster packages about disabled veterans who participated in a winter sports clinic. Management was “blown away” by the five-part Hardball series in April, a tipster says. “MSNBC execs asked him to turn it into an hour, and management is buzzing about the results.” At 10pm, Tom Brokaw hosts a Greatest Generation special.

> On CNN, a taped edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight profiled military heroes. Paula Zahn Now will feature “real stories of soldiers on the front lines and the men and women whose job is to keep them alive.” NewsNight will commemorate Memorial Day and “[pay] tribute to our fallen servicemen and women.” Also, on Monday afternoon, CNN replayed Wolf Blitzer’s “Behind The Lines” special.

> FNC didn’t plan any “special reports,” though it did air “In The Field with Steve Harrigan” over the weekend, featuring a combat medevac team. The O’Reilly Factor will be live tonight.

…The cablers have also devoted time for some silly specials. Tonight on FNC, “Greta goes to the zoo,” and on CNN, Anderson Cooper tried to scare viewers in a taped special called “911: Lives on the line”…