Melissa Francis on Snowstorms and Wardrobes

By Chris Ariens 

The new late afternoon Fox Business Network schedule is now in effect including the debut of “Money with Melissa Francis” at 5pmET. Francis has been doing the press rounds leading up to the new show, including talking with ImproperBostonian, which asked her about the worst assignment she ever got. It was during her early days in local TV news:

In New England, the weather stories. I did a lot of standing on the side of the road in a snowstorm. Once, I went into a grocery store, and the woman in line next to me said, “I saw you on TV, standing on the side of the highway, and you just looked stupid.”

Francis also talked with Glamour about all those outfits she and her Fox News and Fox Business colleagues wear:

The network is definitely known for a certain look on its female talent–most notably blonde, prom queen-pretty, and dressed in colorful but conservatively cut pieces–and Melissa says she was flattered to take on the role when she joined Fox Business earlier this year. “I always thought of the Fox ladies as being gorgeous–everyone always looks really put together.”