Megyn Kelly’s Sharon Epperson Chat Was Not ‘Her First On Camera Interview’

By Chris Ariens Comment

That EXCLUSIVE word is being thrown around again.

Megyn Kelly claimed to have an exclusive on-camera interview with her CNBC colleague Sharon Epperson who suffered a brain aneurysm.

“A TV reporter who advises viewers how to plan for emergencies suffers one of her own,” Kelly said in the show’s open. “She is here in her first on camera interview since her shocking brain aneurysm.”

But this is not Epperson’s first on camera interview. She sat down with CNBC’s Becky Quick for the syndicated On the Money late last month. She also was on CNBC’s Closing Bell last week talking about her recovery.

“I am shocked that NBC would let something so easily verifiable go unchecked,” a tipster writes.