Megyn Kelly to Talk to Dr. Phil, Who ‘Changed My Life’

By Mark Joyella 

Fox News host Megyn Kelly will talk to Dr. Phil McGraw on her show tonight.

Kelly has a personal affection for McGraw, who she credits with helping her get out of a bad marriage and into a new line of work–television. “Back in the day when I was unhappily married and unhappily working, I heard a brilliant man by the name of Dr. Phil say, ‘The only thing between you and someone you envy is that you settled for less,’” Kelly said in an interview with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. “I started putting it into practice and it changed my life.”

As Fortune described her Dr. Phil-inspired life change:


So Kelly decided to make her life philosophy “settle for more.” Instead of wasting energy looking at people that she admired and women who “had it all,” Kelly took risks and changed her life in the process. She likely wouldn’t have had her big break, however, if it wasn’t the help from another woman. A friend in her guitar class who worked as a freelance reporter helped Kelly get her first job on air.