Megyn Kelly Applauds ‘The Women of Fox News Who Formed an Underground Army’

By Chris Ariens 

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, honored by Adweek last month as News Anchor of the Year, was honored this morning by The Hollywood Reporter at their Women in Entertainment 2016 event.

Kelly said she has “high hopes” for Donald Trump‘s presidency. “There is much to admire,” she said to some boos, and an extended middle finger from Kathy Griffin (at 6:52 in the video below).

Kelly heralded colleagues and competitors alike, including “Katy Tur of MSNBC, who was savaged by certain Trump supporters relentlessly for her fair coverage, but never backed down,” and “the women of Fox News who, with their stiletto shoes and nerves of steel, formed an underground army of sorts. And at great risk to their livelihoods, brought down a very powerful serial sexual harasser, she said referring to former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.


“We will do better, and be better. We will find a way to settle for more,” said Kelly getting in a plug for her book, then added, “It beat Bill O’Reilly for the No. 1 spot.” (O’Reilly is back at No. 1 this week.)