Media Matters: The Fox Chyron Police

By Brian 

Left-leaning watchdog group Media Matters takes Fox News to task for its “revealing Oscar coverage.” (Basically, the network took the lower-thirds down when beautiful women were on the air.) I feel bad for the poor MM employee who had to compile this:

“…For the entirety of [Bill] McCuddy‘s report, the on-screen text remained up, even when the camera panned away from McCuddy to people in the crowd behind him.

Later in the day, during the 4 p.m. edition of Fox News Live, Fox News entertainment correspondent Lisa Bernhard filed a report — also from the Kodak Theater — in a revealing black dress. Unlike McCuddy’s report, Bernhard’s report featured no text or graphics at the bottom of the screen, but instead featured text in the upper left corner.

During the report, however, Fox News aired footage from the film Brokeback Mountain, at which point the familiar Fox News on-screen text and graphics reappeared, announcing the theme of Bernhard’s report: ‘Hollywood walks on the darker side.’

When the shot shifted back to Bernhard, the text and graphics once again disappeared.” Oh, and there’s more…