McClellan’s Turn in the No-Spin Zone

By SteveK 

Politico’s Anne Schroeder was the first to report the news Friday that former White House spokesperson Scott McClellan would be appearing on The O’Reilly Factor.

An insider tells Schroeder McClellan’s publicist “begged,” to have the author on The Factor — so it looks like everyone gets their wish in the matter.

We hear McClellan will be in studio with Bill O’Reilly this evening (O’Reilly tapes around 6pmET), and if we hear anything about the tone of the interview after it happens we’ll report it here.

So although he didn’t get McClellan first (NBC’s Today got that distinction, and Countdown with Keith Olbermann discussed the “poetry” in the first cable interview), O’Reilly gets to conduct what Schroeder guesses will, “probably be his toughest (interview) yet.”