McAuliffe: “I Say This to Chris Matthews’ Face: He is Delusional”

By SteveK 

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe appeared on John Gibson‘s FNR show yesterday, and blasted MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for saying the media created the “delusion” that the race was not “essentially over” (via Johnny Dollar).

“I say this to Chris Matthews face: he is delusional. He has wanted Senator Obama from Day 1,” he said. “If he wants to go work for the Obama campaign, he ought to get off the air and go work on the campaign, but luckily no one really pays attention to what he has to say.”

McAuliffe did appear yesterday on MSNBC, a few hours before Hardball hit the air. Meanwhile, on Tuesday night he gave FNC the highest praise, calling them “fair and balanced.”

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Click continued to hear the full audio of the exchange, with the Matthews comments coming around the 2:30 mark…