Maury & Connie: First Impressions

By Brian 

> Update: 12:44pm: “Maury & Connie was smart, funny, and unconventional. Why all the typical one-sided MSNBC smackdowns on your blog?,” an e-mailer asks. I could only find one positive review…

Did you watch the premiere of Maury & Connie on MSNBC this weekend? Here are a few reviews from newspapers, bloggers, and e-mailers:

> Adam Buckman says Maury and Connie “sit together on a couch on a living-room set and engage in the kind of repartee that will ring familiar to every married couple whose busy lives have ever included running into George Clooney at a movie premiere.”

> Alessandra Stanley calls it a “cheesy talk show” that “almost makes Fox’s Geraldo at Large look dignified.”

> 5 Things: “The opening banter was lame but the newsreel-esc production was pure Liz Winstead. Very funny.”

> SpeakSpeak News: “It’s a half-hour show (unlike most shows on MSNBC which are an hour or more). I like the fact that this show is shorter…”

> MSNBC TV group on MSN: “It seems rushed and short on stuff with it only being a half-hour (22 minutes without commericals).”

> “Connie and Maury’s show is horrible. Maury was almost as awkward as he was when he hosted “21.” This one won’t last through the summer,” an e-mailer says.

> Master of None: “Oh, Maury, go back to the drag queen contests and paternity tests.”