Matthews Target of Women’s Rights Group’s Letter

By SteveK 

In January it was Media Matters. Now it is The New Agenda taking aim at MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews for “on-air degradation of girls and women.”

The Los Angeles Times reports The New Agenda, a new non-partisan women’s right group has sent a letter to NBC CEO Jeff Zucker detailing what it sees as a pattern of behavior.

One of the founders of the group says she wants Matthews to, “issue a public apology and change his on-air behavior.”

Many of the examples cited in the letter date back to Media Matters “take action” campaign from the beginning of 2008, and some from significantly earlier.

Taking the issue more current, the letter cites the recent move to make Matthews and Keith Olbermann analysts for political coverage, writing it “is a step in the right direction, but it is too little too late.”

But what exactly is The New Agenda’s agenda? As its blog notes, during a recent appearance on FNC’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, former fervent Hillary Clinton supporter, and now supporter of Sen. John McCain, Harriet Christian (of “inadequate black male” YouTube fame) identified herself as a member of The New Agenda in the lower third.