Match Game ’08

By SteveK 

The Weekly Standard’s Michael Goldfarb tries to figure out why people are, “somehow inexplicably drawn to CNN’s coverage of the primaries.” He thinks he found the answer — “Quite cleverly, CNN producers have modeled their election team of pundits around the legendary 1970s game show, Match Game.”

He equates Wolf Blitzer with host Gene Rayburn (although Lou Dobbs plays the role in the above pic). Brett Somers, Betty White and Richard Dawson are played by Leslie Sanchez, Gloria Borger and Bill Bennett. Who plays Charles Nelson Reilly? Paul Begala, “strictly because they share the same vocal range,” writes Goldfarb.

An actual question from a Match Game show: “Old man Periwinkle is so old, he remembered voting for __________ in the Presidential election.” Comment away…