Martha Raddatz Did Not Lehrer It Tonight

By Chris Ariens 

Mostly praise is being  heaped on ABC’s Martha Raddatz  for her turn as  moderator of tonight’s Vice Presidential debate. Republican reaction is less glowing, as Raddatz is being criticized for interrupting Rep. Ryan more than VP Biden.

Here is some of the early reaction from Raddatz’s peers:

“I think it will be mutually agreed that Martha Raddatz did a good job tonight and moved that conversation along.” NBC’s Brian Williams

“She did an excellent job. However, being in that chair I know how hard it is once [the candidates] decide not to play by their own rules.” NBC’s Tom Brokaw

“This was a much different moderating style by ABC’s Martha Raddatz, than Jim Lehrer in the first presidential debate. She interrupted much more and asked many more pointed questions.” FNC’s Bret Baier

“Masterful moderating by Martha Raddatz. She was 100% in control,” CNN’s Soledad O’Brien

“First of all, Martha Raddatz was wonderful.” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

“I thought it ended up being intensely important that Martha Raddatz, so well versed on foreign policy issues, was moderating this and that she knew the follow-up questions to ask.” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

“If we seem very proud, we’ve always known what a great journalist she is and we’re happy everybody else does too.” ABC’s Diane Sawyer

CNN’s Candy Crowley, you can breath again. Crowley moderates Tuesday’s second presidential face-off, a town hall style debate.