Martha MacCallum’s First 100 Days Is First Show In FNC’s Studio F

By A.J. Katz 

After inaugurating its new state of the art, multi-million dollar Studio F on election night, Fox News waited several months to decide what show would move into the two-story street-side studio.

Last night, The First 100 Days anchored by Martha MacCallum, got the call.

“All kinds of producers and talent have been asking if they can get in here,” Fox News evp Jay Wallace told Adweek when we toured the space in November. MacCallum won the coveted prize.


The studio includes a trio of news desks, a circular LED video floor, a 360-degree video chandelier that can be raised or lowered, a news ticker, multiple monitors and a lengthy LED video wall. The space, which used to house a Charles Schwab branch and a FedEx Kinkos store on Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue had been vacant since 2012.

“Hello everybody, from our brand-new studio tonight,” MacCallum said at the start of the show. She also welcomed new Fox News contributor Marie Harf to the network. WATCH: