Mark Cuban: “There is Every Bit of Me That Just Wants to Say ‘Bill O’Reilly Is a Moron'”

By Chris Ariens 

The latest episode in the Mark Cuban, Bill O’Reilly war of words aired tonight at the culmination of the Blog World Expo in Las Vegas.

During the keynote address this afternoon, Cuban talked about how he’d like nothing more than to use his blog to fight his critics, including O’Reilly. “Once you start using [a blog] as a baseball bat, things start to get really, really different,” Cuban cautioned the packed conference room at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

O’Reilly has been critical of Cuban over the release of the upcoming movie Redacted. The fictional documentary, as it’s being described, is from Cuban’s company 2929 Entertainment and focuses on what life is like for some American soldiers fighting the war in Iraq. “This guy’s never seen the movie,” Cuban says of O’Reilly, “but he’s out there saying ‘Mark Cuban if you release this movie, I’m coming after you.'” Cuban, speaking to about 500 bloggers, told the group “at the same time, there is every bit of me that just wants to say ‘Bill O’Reilly is a moron.'”

Cuban, who also owns the TV network HDNet, says the attacks are “irrelevant” from a business perspective but adds, for “a small movie, he’s making it bigger and bigger by the day. So I’m really grateful to him. Bill O’Reilly’s my new best friend.”