Marina Kolbe’s Attorneys File For New Trial

By Alissa Krinsky 

First on TVNewser: Attorneys for former CNN anchor/reporter Marina Kolbe have filed a motion, in U.S. District Court in Georgia, for a new trial against CNN. It was last month that a jury ruled against Kolbe, who says CNN practiced race and age discrimination when choosing not to renew her contract in 2003.

“We are filing this motion,” Kolbe attorney Edward D. Buckley III tells TVNewser, “because we believe the trial judge failed to restrain CNN and Turner from placing inappropriate testimony into evidence, refused to allow evidence that Turner’s own human resources manager found the actions of CNN executives inappropriate, and improperly charged the jury.”

The motion was filed December 12, and it is not yet known when a decision may be handed down. Kolbe is not currently working in television news.


>More: CNN has issued the following statement: “The jury heard the evidence and rendered its verdict — CNN did not discriminate. We are confident this motion will be denied.”