Man Says Watching ABC’s ‘Save My Life’ Actually Saved His Life

By Mark Joyella 

A man watching ABC’s documentary series Save My Life: Boston Trauma believes the show delivered on its name–by saving his life. “That was like an unreal situation,” said Dana Mower, who was watching the show Sunday at his home in Lynn, Mass.

The episode included the case of a man who thought he had a simple case of heartburn and indigestion, but was in reality having a heart attack. Mower says he was experiencing the same symptoms as he watched TV. He became concerned, and the next morning went to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, the same hospital featured on the show.

“The whole team just jumped right on me–the doctors in there were fantastic. They work as a team and–like a well-oiled machine,” he said. That includes Dr. Kevin Croce, who treated Mower and was also one of the doctors featured in the episode Mower had been watching the night before.

“You go in and I say, ‘Doctor, you know, I was just watching you last night on TV. And all of the sudden here I am.’”