Man Killed in Armed Robbery of Former CNN Anchor Was ‘Slave’

By Mark Joyella 

The man who held former CNN Headline News anchor Lynne Russell at gunpoint in an Albuquerque motel before being shot and killed by Russell’s husband, Chuck de Caro, was acting on the orders of another man, who police charged Thursday with murder.

Fox News reports Albuquerque police say Tomorio Walton, the man who exchanged gunfire with de Caro before dying in the motel parking lot, was forced to commit the robbery attempt by Skyy Durrell Barrs:

While the story was making national news, largely due to Russell’s stature, Albuquerque police were learning that Walton allegedly acted on the orders of Barrs. A criminal complaint dated Wednesday cites a police informant who said Walton was one of Barrs’ “slaves,” and indicated that the dead man was forced to commit the robbery as Barrs waited outside.

“A guy named Skyy went with Tomorio, AKA “Memphis,” to “hit a lick,” slang term for committing a robbery,” the complaint states.” Although Tomorio was shot by the robbery victim in self-defense, Tomorio’s death was caused by the actions of Skyy Barrs for planning to “hit a lick” and providing Tomorio with a firearm.”